About Us

Diamond Gaming, LLC was founded October 2018. 2 streamers and esports enthusiast came together and started Diamond Gaming. Originally meeting in 2016, ArchyyShow and MsBlueShines decided to build a network for individuals to grow and build their content and reach a mass network. In October 2018, #DiamondSquad came as the go to hashtag for the community and 4 streamers. Diamond Gaming attended its very first event in competitive eSports in March 2019, placing T128.

The Stream Team as of April 2019, was home to 13 streamers, from USA, Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada. The Official Merchandise for Diamond Gaming was partnered with AgentInq and released on April 6, 2019.

Our Mission Statement: Bringing the best content of ourselves to creation. We are using dedication in providing our content, commitment in its best possible quality and the highest level of inspiration to our community


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