Atlanta Faze Invitational  - Top 12

October 2020: Our Roster consisted of Infinit, Cruze, Spxkcy, Curtacy

We would Qualify for the Atlanta Invitational that allowed a play in tournament of the Top 8 getting invited to play against the 12 Pro Teams. We were unfortunate to not qualify for Pool Play and had to start the Invitational out in the Losers Bracket. It would not stop us as we would start Losers Round 1 against Los Angels Guerrillas (LAG). We would go back and forth with (LAG) and ultimately win the series 3-2 to advance to Losers Round 2 where we ran into another pro team. We would face off against Los Angeles Optic (Optic); it would be another exhausting match that went back and forth all the way to Map 5; Round 11 where we would go big to knock out Optic (3-2). With exhaustion set in and nerves stunned, we unfortunately fell to LBX the next round in Losers Round 3, to place Top 12.

Challenger Finals  - Top 24 ($2500)

August 2020: Our Roster consisted of Infinit, Destiny, Mohak, Medicate, and Optimum

We would start the Finals event with the 14th seed for the very last Call of Duty League Challengers Season. We would take down WeCecot in Winners Round 1 (3-1) but fall to UYU in Winners Rd 2 (1-3). We would ultimately fall later on to No Mercy and finish Top 24. It was a rough season due to Pandemic of 2020 and no LANs since March 2020. We will hope to rebound and return for Call of Duty Cold War

| Ishoni Ft. Worth  - $500

March 2020: Our Roster consisted of LukeSkySwiper (C) , Farns , Xerrtz , Spike, and Infinit

Our team showed up for the Ishoni 7K in Desota, Texas looking to capitalize off our previous showing back in November. We would enter Pool Play in Pool D. Other teams in Pool D were Shinto Gaming, Sick Six Squad, Erratic Gaming, Savage Horsemen, and LonR. We would go undefeated in Pool Play and end our Saturday at (5-0). We entered Championship Sunday with the 3 seed. We got a BYE for Winner Round 1. We faced off against #BIBO in Winners Round 2 taking a 3-0 sweep and then faced off against Shinobi Uprising and won 3-1 to Advance to Winners Finals against 3Kingz (Sibilants & co.). We would fall 0-3 and fall the Loser Finals where we would face off against the eventual Champions, Carnage Gaming. We finished in 3rd place

| Ishoni Dallas $10K - $700

November 2019: Our Roster will consist of LukeSkySwiper (C) , Farns , Xerrtz , Spike, and Infinit

Our team showed up for the Ishoni 10K in Desota, Texas prepared to see just how far they could go. It was a surprise our roster having gained some recognizable names on it was placed as a 29th seed. It would not faze us tho, as we walked from round to round in the Winners Bracket all the way to Semi-Finals. We would ultimately fall short of securing T3 in Winners Bracket falling 2-3 to Athaim. We would fall to Losers Round 7 and played a team called Wager Kids. We ultimately 3-0'd them and secured a T4 Placement. We would then fall to Aspire and finished 4th.


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