Call of Duty League Minnesota

Over the weekend Diamond Gaming competed at the CDL Launch Weekend in Minnesota by playing in the Call of Duty Challengers open event. The roster consisting of LukeSkySwiper, Xerrtz, Farns, Infinit, and Spike ended up placing in the Top 32 teams after falling in Losers Round 6.

Team’s Matches:

Winners Round 1: Bye

Winners Round 2: vs Diamond Gaming Black (2-0 win) the 91st seed

Winners Round 3: vs AporiaGG (1-2 loss) the 27th seed

Losers Round 3: vs STARS (2-0 win) the 92nd seed

Losers Round 4: vs Crown Royal (2-1 win) the 70th seed

Losers Round 5: vs WolfBlood eSports (2-1 win) the 49th seed

Losers Round 6: vs HYXR (0-2 loss) the 33rd seed

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