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Path 2 Pro Challenger Update on Diamond Gaming

The Diamond Gaming team has started off the P2P Season in top form! So for those that do not know how the P2P works. Let us explain! Players that are 18+ from around the world compete in their respective region for Challenge Points. A player can earn MAX of 100 Challenger points per week playing team challenges on Gamebattles. The season started Nov 2, 2019 with players signing up and starting to earn their points. The points are valuable when it comes to LAN events hosted by Call of Duty League. The amount of points the team has as a whole, determine the seed of that team in comparison to other teams. Also, every Saturday there is a hosted Online Tournament that gets 350-450 teams and over 2000 players who compete for essentially Bonus Challenger points.

T64: 100 Bonus Points per player

T32: 200 Bonus Points per player

T16: 400 Bonus Points per player

T8: 600 Bonus Points per player

3rd/4th: 800 Bonus Points per player

2nd: 1200 Bonus Points per player

1st: 2000 Bonus Points per player

So hopefully now you have a basic understanding of points. For additional information visit Call of Duty League

So for the start of the Season our P2P team has already attended a non-affiliated CDL event at Ishoni Dallas 10K where they played 4th place.

Our current placements in the first 3 P2P 2K Series are as follows.

Challenger Series Total PPs Projected Seed Date Updated:
Diamond Gaming 13,675 38 21 Jan 2020


Event Name: Online/LAN: Placement: Amount:
CDL 2K Series #6 Online T32 200 PPs
CDL 2K Series #5 Online T16 400 PPs
CDL 2K Series #4 Online T64 100 PPs
CDL 2K Series #3 Online T16 400 PPs
CDL 2K Series #2 Online T8 600 PPs

Diamond Gaming is currently projected as a T32 seed. Lets keep rolling and get our players into the Top 10 as it will open even more doors for them as players!


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