Challenger Season Kick-Off Cold War

Its Official! The Cold War Call of Duty Challenger Season has started!

Diamond Gaming heads into the season with a familiar face at the helm. Our main roster will be led by Luke (LukeSkySwiper) again, but will bring in some new faces for this years 4v4 format. He will be joined by some NA Finals Participants from Modern Warfare! Welcome to the Diamond family, LightningdaJoke (formerly HYXR), DerekBuzz (F/A), yBeanz (F/A)




We hope to continue our success and growth over the past 2 titles (Black Ops 4/Modern Warfare).

This Season will be new and exciting as we add a Academy Roster to the mix with players having potential to crack the scene! Our Academy roster is led by NHAY3S alongside Scaarshot, SwiftNA, and Itsssnoop. They will have a uphill battle, but want a chance to show their potential to compete among some of the best AMs in the community.

Results from Challengers Cup #1

Diamond Gaming
Seed: 35
Placement: Top 32

Diamond Academy
Seed: 114
Placement: Top 256

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