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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay: 2021


The compare and contrast essay is mainly a rhetorical style that discusses the differences and similarities of write my paper for me. A good compare and contrast essay not only points out how the subjects are different and similar but also uses these points to develop a meaningful and strong argument about the subject. You cannot write a good compare and contrast paper without identifying the main concept of two things to be compared/contrasted. 



Here are some tips that help you to develop a great argument for your compare and contrast paper.


Selection of topic


The first step is to write my essay for me and select a topic that you can argue. Keep in mind! You need to do more than just listing how things are different and similar. Connect your ideas as one of the most common mistakes that are made by students with this type of essay is simply summarizing the information instead of comparing. One of the good ways to connect your ideas is to use the phrases and transitional words that show how things are similar or different.


Brainstorm your topic


You don’t need to jump straight into the thesis statement. Take some time to brainstorm all ideas and write major points you want to focus on as this will help you to develop your thesis statement. Research, Brainstorm, think, and talk about the topic before formulating a thesis statement. This will not only outline your essay premises as well as a conclusion which you will draw. 


Consider your main points


There are many ways a compare and contrast paper can be written, but it should always make a strong argument that explains how to put all these subjects together so that it makes a meaningful comparison between two things. Develop a frame of reference within which you will place two things that you are going to write my essay. The frame of reference consists of a question, theme, idea, theory, and idea from which extract two for biographical, special attention, and historical information. 


Create Ground for Comparison 


Just like in any argumentative essay, your thesis statement will convey the essence of your argument which mainly follows your paper frame of reference. In compare and contrast essay, the thesis statement mainly depends on how the two things that you have selected to compare relate to one another. Do they collaborate, extend, correct, contradict, debate, or complicate one another? In the most common type of compare and contrast paper, you can develop a precise relationship between two concepts by using words such as ‘whereas’ in your thesis statement "write essay for me". The main idea is to set up your argument basic outline which you will formulate in the body of your essay.


Link all the points in your argument


Depending on your essay length, address every part of your argument in a separate section or paragraph. You should discuss them in a logical order and make connections between them. This will let you address the essay potential objections and strengthen your argument.


Make an argument


There are three main types of appeal in presenting an argument: ethics, reason, and emotion. Your argument not only helps you to structure your essay but also guide your readers in a logical manner. If you are considering a wide range of opinions and views, try to group them under different headings. Look at the weaknesses and strengths of different evidence sets and clearly present them in a critical manner. If you are having difficulty in developing arguments then you should hire essay writing service so that you can get your work done by the deadline. Remember! Developing a thesis statement takes time, you need to plan out to make a start.


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