CWL Miami (Finals)

Diamond Gaming will be competing at CWL Miami (Finals) July 19-21, 2019. They will be representing 11K Pro Points (85-105 seed). The roster we aquired for this event finished T48 for CWL Anaheim. They are also currently competing in 2 Online Leagues, eSports Circuit & National AM League. You can keep up with all the updates over at Online Leagues.

The Miami roster will consist of:

LukeSkySwiper (Capt) ; SpikeSZN ; iLexxer ; Whasabee ; and Xerrtz

We have a focus and a determination to give 110% to place the best we can and hopefully finish T16 to qualify for Call of Duty Champs being hosted in Los Angeles, California in August 2019.

Updated: 7/17/2019

Diamond Gaming has received the 79th Seed for the tournament during the Pre-Bracket release!

Checkout the bracket at CWL Miami

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