Diamond Gaming Dominant Ishoni 2019

Diamond Gaming was dominant at Ishoni 2019!

The Ishoni 2019 event was held in Desota, Texas on November 8-10. Diamond Gaming is currently scheduled to play on 8 November 2019 at 6:30 CST. If this changes, we will update you via. Twitter!

This event bolstered 43 teams from around the United States and was jam packed with some big name organizations such as Aspire, Carnage Gaming, and Athaim. We have a very successful weekend as the Modern Warfare season kicked off!

We were very unfortunate to be selected at the 29 seed overall in the tournament, but it did not discourage our team or our fans as we know the ceiling is high this season! We faced on in Winners Round 1 against Climate Change Gaming and dominated them with a swift 2-0 victory and advanced to Winners Round 2 and faced off against Inflection eSports, who were considered the #4 seed. After many predictions, we swiftly took the win 2-0 again and Advanced to Winners Round 3 that would be played out on Championship Sunday! We started the morning off by crushing another opponent Bird Sharks 2-0 and Advanced to Winners Round 4 where we met a dominant Clean Krewe and again predictions came in with a close match up but we ended up sweeping them 3-0.

In Winners Round 5 we would face off against to reigning Champions of Athaim. After not dropping a single map, we finally got punched in the mouth and went down 0-2 in a Best of 5 series. We were able to regain and took the next to maps to even the series 2-2. We would ultimately fall 2-3 after a series of unfortunate events in Map 5. We would drop to Losers Round 7 and eventually face off against Wager Kids, who early in the tournament suprised Aspire by sending them to the losers bracket. Diamond Gaming quickly swept them in 3-0 fashion and went on to Losers Round 8 to play for T3 against Aspire. This was a dominant team who was looking to revenge that early loss! They quickly swept us and we finished 4th.

We are beyond ecstatic about our performance and will be ready to compete in Call of Duty League Minnesota.


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