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This weekend, Call of Duty players on PlayStation 4 are getting hands-on with this fall’s Modern Warfare. Activision has launched an early alpha of the new 2v2 “Gunfight” mode, and so far it’s mostly good vibes and fast-paced gameplay for Infinity Ward’s rebooted Duty.

With the new Call of Duty Franchising changing how competitive is going to change has been revealed. The franchises will spend $25 million per spot in the new league and will no longer feature Pro League Qualifiers. So unless someone has $25 million sitting around for Diamond to go into the league, we will remain in the amateur league. The details have dropped on how they plan to continue and improve the AM scene called Path to Pros.

As reported by Call of Duty Pro League / Dexerto.com

We recognize the importance of a thriving Path to Pro competitive scene in Call of Duty esports, which has continued to garner strong participation and prizing each year. Going forward, we will support and administer extensive amateur competitions, both online and via open bracket tournaments in cities around the world, with dedicated prize pools. More details about the path to pro system and upcoming open bracket tournament events will be shared in the coming months.

The future of Call of Duty Esports is bright and builds on a strong legacy of competitive excellence. We are committed to supporting our incredible player community, teams, fans, and partners in its next chapter.

That being said, we will be sending a slightly new roster into Modern Warfare to compete. We are in contract negotiations with LukeSkySwiper , SlayaThaLord , Spxkcy , Xerrtz , and more. Once players have been signed, we will announce individual signings on Twitter.

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