Diamond Gaming New Director

Diamond Gaming’s New Director

We are pleased to announce a new minority owner of Diamond Gaming, LLC. AyooshiYooshi (Aya Alafyouni) and Director of Operations. She is a valued member of our Stream Team as well, as she has bought into Diamond as a part owner. She joins the 2 current owners and founders ArchyyShow (TJ Frye) & MsBlueShines (Jasmine Hill). Aya is directly responsible for the designs and edits for the 2019-2020 Pro apparel that Diamond will be wearing during competition and fans will have an opportunity to wear on the sidelines. She is also responsible for innovating the idea to sell our Streamer apparel within our store. She looks to bring new and exciting things to Diamond and improve it all around for members, and fans around the world. Thank you for your continued support

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