New Apparel & Options inbound!

We at Diamond Gaming have been working around the clock to improve not only our brand, but the brands of those around us! We are pleased to announce that in the upcoming future, we will be adding Streamers Apparel to our Apparel Shop! This will not only allow our streamers to brand themselves, but their fans and viewers to have a chance to represent their favorite streamer at home, in public, and at public appearances!

So what does this mean as far as changes in our Apparel? We will be leaving Agent Ink as our Apparel designer and resell store and production as we could not agree on pricing options, setup and stability. We will announce our new apparel company in the future.

Current Streamers to be added to our Apparel Store will be

MrJamesRoy , Ayooshi, and MsBlueShines. We will hope to add more in the future as we grow in support and fans.


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