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Diamond Gaming competes in various Online Leagues for Call of Duty. They will continually be updated below with current records and stats for the Leagues we are competing. If you are looking for past leagues visit our Achievements Page. We will update the Achievement placements with past placings in those leagues.


National AM League Season 2 @NationalAML

Organization W/L Record Map Count Seeding Playoffs Power RankingĀ 
Diamond Gaming 5-1 16-6 N/A
Dethrone Nation 2-0 6-4 N/A
Drewwy & Tha Boyz 0-1 2-3 N/A
Quantic eSports 0-2 1-6 N/A


eSports Circuit @eSportsCircuit

Organization W/L Record Map Count Seeding Power Ranking
Diamond Gaming 5-0 15-1 1 1
STAA eSports 2-1 6-0 2
Sicario Gaming 2-0 6-2 3
Forfeit Gaming 2-1 6-2 4


Playoffs: T16 Teams (Diamond Gaming Seed: TBD) – National AM League

Playoffs: T14 Teams (Diamond Gaming Seed: TBD) – eSports Circuit

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