Pharmanaut Lab Sponsors Diamond Gaming

It’s official! Pharmanaut Labs has sponsored Diamond Gaming for the Ishoni 10K event in Dallas, Texas on Nov 9th-11th.

Visit: Pharmanaut Labs

What is Pharmanaut?





PHARMANAUT FOCUS helps you stay on target during the longest gaming and study sessions. The eight active ingredients support improved cognitive performance, faster decision speed, and enhanced awareness and attention. This is all-natural brain-boosting performance.

Exceptional Focus and Alertness

More than just caffeine pills, the eight active ingredients in Pharmanaut Focus give you extreme mental focus to give you an edge over the competition. You’ll be able to find and keep your edge longer and perform at your peak.

Faster Reaction Times

Being faster than the competition means being better than the competition. Shaving even a tenth of a second off your reaction time can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Brain Performance & Energy

Pharmanaut Focus isn’t just another caffeine pill or pixie dust “gamer drink.” The eight all natural active ingredients in Pharmanaut Focus are properly balanced to let you perform at your peak mental capacity without jitter or crash.

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